Anne Floor Lanting
Anne Floor Lanting 13 November, 2018

Lecturers at Hanze: Emily Lewis

‘The international element is what really drives me and keeps me engaged.’ Ohioan Emily Lewis teaches English and International Business Law at the International Business School (IBS). How did you become a teacher at Hanze University? ‘I fi...

Anne Floor Lanting 1 June, 2017

Why Groningen is nót the best student city

The Canadian city of Montreal was recently crowned the world’s best student city. How do Montrealers at the Hanze, who have had the honour of experiencing both, compare the two cities? French-speaking Catherine Haché (22) is an Internationa...

Anne Floor Lanting 10 March, 2017

Why swap Dutch for Gobbledygook?

An increasing number of courses at Hanze UAS are being taught in English. The English skills of some teachers seem to be insufficient. Student Party HSV investigates what needs to be done. Teaching in Dutch only is not an option anymore for many l...

Anne Floor Lanting 23 January, 2017

Want to volunteer? Please, learn Dutch

Many international students want to contribute to Groningen’s society by volunteering for charities or non-profit organisations. Yet, it is not easy for internationals to find voluntary work. The problem? Language, of course. Before Cynthia Plan...

Anne Floor Lanting 7 November, 2016

Inspiration on a hotel bed

Having patiently waited for the international students to first settle in, The Student Hotel Groningen celebrated their opening at the end of September. Anyone and everyone were welcome to get inspired by music, a talkshow or a TedTalk in bed. ...

Anne Floor Lanting 5 July, 2016

ACLO’s weirdest sports

Groningen students can try out almost any sport imaginable at ACLO. Even obscure sports like paddle, floorball and underwater hockey. What? Well, these are the perfect sports if tennis is too stupid for you, swimming too boring and there is no ice on...