Boudewijn Otten
Boudewijn Otten 20 March, 2017

Students of Groningen: ‘People extremely friendly’

Weng Fong Mou (22) and Kuan Chak Vong (21), Macau, China Weng: ‘I love watching movies, especially European. That’s why I always longed to be in Europe. I study Communication at the University of Macau. Kuan and I have come here to do an e...

Boudewijn Otten 17 March, 2017

Students of Groningen: ‘Groningen healthier than Milan’

Ilaria Zanetti (23), International Business School ‘I’ve only been here for two days, but I already can tell that Groningen is much healthier than Milan. Fresh air, we do not have that in big Italian cities, or at least, much less. In Mila...

Boudewijn Otten 13 September, 2016

Strangers in Town

At Welcome Day (September 2) some thousand students from all over the world met at Hanze University. What are they looking for in Groningen and what do they have to offer Holland's Jewel of the North? Porfirio Osuna (19), Mexico ‘I’ve been...

Boudewijn Otten 22 August, 2016

Five Biggest Mistakes to Make in the Netherlands

Foreign students sometimes feel the desire to adjust themselves to Dutch customs and traditions. In some cases they’d better suppress this desire.  1 Do not try to talk Dutch Of course the Dutch appreciate the attempt foreigners make to addr...

Boudewijn Otten 17 December, 2015

Secrets of Dutch Christmas

Christmas is a happy time. Foreign students who spend the holiday season in Groningen should keep that in mind when they experience how the Dutch act during Christmas time. These folks do not regard the feast as a celebration of peace, to them it’s...

Boudewijn Otten 24 November, 2015

North Korea opens up to Hanze

In the near future Hanze University might be welcoming North Korean students and teachers. That’s quite extraordinary, but moreover, it would be the stunning result of the efforts of just one man, Mark Kierans. On January 23, 1968, the USS P...