Posts over art academy groningen
Luuk Steemers 5 April, 2019

Botanic art journey

In January Jorge Luis Barragán Castaño was awarded the George Verberg Stipendium, a grant of 10,000 Euros to realize his art project on botanical gardens. Will the value of famous paintings collapse like once the value of tulips? ‘I do not pai...

Chris 25 February, 2019

New in Groningen: Robbie from Scotland

Robbie Tighe: 'The university here seems a bit more artistic than my university back home.' Groningen offers everything one can expect from city, but without the anonymity and unsafety that big cities might have. Robbie Tighe is twenty years o...

Chris 18 December, 2017

Minerva Market: students sell their art

Super original art gifts, sold to you directly by the artists: how cool is that? Last week the first Minerva Market took place at art academy Minerva, hopefully the next edition will follow soon!...