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Evalien Wiersma 7 June, 2019

Short Story: Barefoot

In the middle of the night, a white sleek train was gliding through the silent darkness of rural areas and loud neon lights of cities. Its tracks covered the whole world, guiding the train through and across overcrowded capitals, sky-high mountains a...

Evalien Wiersma 4 April, 2019

Short Story: Oliver & Canopies

The sound of footsteps echoed over the empty, grey campus as a young student determinedly walked towards Van DoorenVeste. He hastily made his way into the school, excited to get out of the drizzle and into the warm and dry building. ‘Good morning, ...

Evalien Wiersma 21 March, 2019

Short Story: Basil should climb

What's studying at Hanze going to be like after the year 2050? Will our teachers be robots? Will all classes take place in virtual reality? Fourth-year Game Design & Development student Evalien Wiersma takes us on a trip to Hanze's future with h...