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Bea 27 December, 2012

Serious Request HanzeHuis!

Last December 11, several organizations joined in the Atrium of Hanze to raise money for the poor babies. Concerning the event Serious Request, organized by Red Cross and the radio 3FM, which has taken place between December 18 and 24 in Enschede...

Chris 20 December, 2012

Groningen, what are you listening to?

You can hardly cross the street nowadays without seeing someone with a pair of headphones covering their ears. Some quietly sing along, others just smile. It makes you wonder what they are all listening to. Hanze student Bai Yu dressed up as a mi...

Amelia 14 December, 2012

Hanze asks: The end is Near

21th... December... 2012... The end of the World. The Maya's calendar said so. In one week the world is going to end. One of the great mysteries of modern times is the Dresden Codex, one of the few surviving books from the ancient Mayan civ...

Bea 13 December, 2012

Naked, mad, hero?

What if suddenly you find somebody naked running in the middle of Groningen? Or what if it is you the one who is naked but you don´t seem to care? Last Saturday, 8 December, this was the situation lived by some people in the white streets of the sno...

Amelia 10 December, 2012

Serious Request HanzeHuis

Everything is getting ready! The Atrium in Hanze is decked out to host the  Serious Request HanzeHuis Tuesday 11th of December. The HappyHourFM crew, lead by Mark de Groot, is connecting cables, testing microphones, sound checking, in short...

Bea 5 December, 2012

“We want to do this”

They are four men, young and with hunger of success and good moments. HanzeMag interviewed the band Audio Adam, whose members come from Groningen and Utrecht. With a sound similar to Keane or Snow Patrol, this fresh band has released their first ...