Posts over Groningen
Bea 8 March, 2013

Global Warming Party at Vera!

Last February 23, underground music club Vera wanted to give an opportunity to international students to cool the environment with beers and joy. The party? Global Warming for International Students. A good way to gather all the internationals at ...

Chris 5 March, 2013

Stukafest: festival in student rooms

You might have been to some weird festivals in your life, but Stukafest, a yearly festival in several student cities in the Netherlands where all acts perform in student rooms, should definitely be on your list. A rock band in your kitchen, a com...

Bea 15 February, 2013

HanzeMag Asks: Will Gas Extraction end?

Since the gas field was discovered in the region of Groningen in the 50's, a lot of earthquakes have hit the province. The debate about stopping the gas extraction is now being held. Although the gas company NAM (Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij...

Bea 14 February, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day!

'All you need is love', The Beatles once sang. And today, February 14, is a perfect day to follow that advice. Maybe a lot of people don't agree with Valentine's day, but it is always gorgeous to wish love to the people around you. Check out whic...

Bea 6 February, 2013

Welcoming ceremony at Hanze

The second semester is about to start and a lot of new international students attended the Welcoming Ceremony at Hanze University on 1 February to meet each other, get useful information and know a little bit about the organizations they can join...

Bea 1 February, 2013

Hanze Asks: Queen Beatrix abdicates

After 33 years of reign, Queen Beatrix will abdicate next April, 30. This is an historic event because in the last 123 years, just queens have reigned. Thereby, her son Willem-Alexander, of 45 years old, will become King of Holland. From now on, ...