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Boudewijn Otten 4 September, 2018

Please to meet you, internationals #3

Hanze University welcomed over a thousand new students from abroad. What do they expect of their stay in Groningen? Today's stranger in town: miss Twin Peaks. Doroteya Veselinova (18), Bulgaria ‘I have been in Groningen for less than a mon...

Alex Romanov 26 April, 2017

Dealing with the dealers

Martini tower says it’s six o’clock in the morning. We walk down Oosterstraat and sit down on a flight of stairs to smoke a final cigarette. Out of one of the alleys emerges an African-looking man. Speaks English with a French accent, Congolese. ...

Chris 20 October, 2015

From Beijing to Beijum: impressions of Groningen

A beardy bloke from Australia, a cow-loving Chinese girl, a veggy farmer-to-be from Nigeria and a couple of fresh air sniffers - most of the 800 students who attended Welcoming Day at Hanze University are very enthusiastic about Groningen. Ade...

admin 23 May, 2014

Why business competitions are great

There are two things which are most important if you want to start a business. First, you see a problem which needs to be solved. Secondly, you share your ideas and start solving it. Two months ago I participated in a business contest, the Global Ent...

Bea 30 May, 2013

HanzeMag News 5

Keep track of all the student news at Hanze UAS with HanzeMag News! This time, we learn a little bit more about African reality at the Africa Symposium, organized by the African Students Community. But we also party at Hanze Virtueval! Clubs like...