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Chris 13 October, 2017

International Student Problems: The Weather

Winter is coming! Are international students really ready for the cold Dutch autumn and winter months?...

Luuk Steemers 12 October, 2017

Students of Groningen: ‘The Dutch are orderly’

‘Of course I knew the Dutch are orderly, but I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my very own eyes: separate roads for pedestrians and cyclists. Cities are set up for humans, not for cars. It’s so pleasant, over here walki...

Luuk Steemers 9 October, 2017

Students of Groningen: ‘very international for a small city’

‘I have a German father and an Ecuadorian mother. I grew up in Germany, near Stuttgart, but at the age of fifteen I moved to Quito, the capital of Ecuador. In Quito I went to a school that is part of the Berkeley College of Music where I follow...

Luuk Steemers 6 October, 2017

Students of Groningen: ‘first time outside of Tanzania’

Annasai. ‘I’m from Dar es Salaam, the biggest city of Tanzania. Nyausi is from the island of Zanzibar. We got connected by Nuffic that gave us a scholarship to follow a master’s programme at Hanze. I’ll do the European Master in Sustainab...

Cas Mooij 4 October, 2017

Stuck inside of Groningen with the housing blues

Everyone interested in local news knows about it: hundreds of foreign students do not have a decent room or housing in Groningen. Parties within the council are upset, landlords discriminate against foreigners and boys, students are left to their own...

Alejandra Barreto Cortés 12 September, 2017

Students of Groningen: ‘Forgive but never forget’

‘When I was two years old, my mom got divorced from my dad. She started a new relationship with a man who became my stepfather. He used to beat her and she would forgive him after five minutes. He was all monkey business and carried a gun with ...