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Bea 1 February, 2013

Hanze Asks: Queen Beatrix abdicates

After 33 years of reign, Queen Beatrix will abdicate next April, 30. This is an historic event because in the last 123 years, just queens have reigned. Thereby, her son Willem-Alexander, of 45 years old, will become King of Holland. From now on, ...

Bea 25 January, 2013

Hanze Asks: Dealing with… snow!!

After more than one week with temperatures below 0º C, snow arrived on Monday. What is doable for Dutch people can be quite difficult for foreign students and riding a bike with the ground covered by snow is not easy. Do students enjoy snow? How...

Bea 23 January, 2013

Seven tips for snow-biking

Surely you already noticed: SNOW IS HERE. And now what? After the first hysterical enthusiasm in front of the window watching how the light dust-like snowflakes were covering everything in white, it is now time for the truth. Face up to the cold - it...

Chris 22 January, 2013

Snowball fight Hanze vs RUG cancelled!

Forget Spotted: Hanze, a new facebook trend is born. Some days ago, two German students decided to organize a typical winter event and combine this with the eternal feud between Hanze and the University of Groningen: Snowball fight - RUG vs Hanze...

Bea 22 January, 2013

Bea going Dutch – Dutch Food

Happy new year for everybody! And what better way to start 2013 then with a new chapter of 'Bea going Dutch'! The wait has been long since Bea dared to get into strangers' houses to look into Dutch hospitality, but now it's time to feed our st...

Bea 18 January, 2013

Hanze Asks: Time for… healthy students?

A healthy life-style is hard to follow, but two students of Real Estate (Sven Muller and Arjen Banach) are willing to teach other students how to eat good food. This week, they offered themselves through their website Body and Brains to go to some ...