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Amelia 7 December, 2012

Hanze Asks: is sport violent?

"Linesman dies after attack by teenage football players". This is the title that Hanzemag read on Monday 3th of December. The Linesman was beating up by three boys aged 15 and 16 after a football match in Almere. Richard Nieuwenhuizen was ch...

Bea 6 December, 2012

Winter is coming…

Bright and white. That is the way people felt this morning when they got up. Groningen has dressed in white with a 10 cm thick layer over roofs, bikes and cars. For some people it was just a fact that cold temperatures are coming, although for so...

Bea 5 December, 2012

“We want to do this”

They are four men, young and with hunger of success and good moments. HanzeMag interviewed the band Audio Adam, whose members come from Groningen and Utrecht. With a sound similar to Keane or Snow Patrol, this fresh band has released their first ...

Amelia 30 November, 2012

Hanze asks: Free downloads: the end?

The state secretarie of Justice Fred Teeven wants to revive plans for a formal ban on the illegal downloading of books, films and music from the internet. Now this plan appears to have a majority support from the parliament. The previous par...

Bea 29 November, 2012

Energy career event

Martini Plaza housed last November 21 the Energy Career Event where 250 talents got in touch with different companies. HanzeMag didn't want to miss this big day and we went to ask them who is the perfect employee: crazy and creative or serious an...

Amelia 28 November, 2012

Bea Going Dutch – What to expect!

The wait for a second great chapter has finished and "Bea Going Dutch" comes back with lots of adventures throughout the streets of Groningen. This time, Bea will deal with the hospitality of the Dutchies. Are you gonna miss how she experiment...