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Boudewijn Otten 29 August, 2018

Homeless in a weird city

‘They tried to scam me, for sure’, Ignacy (19) says. ‘The woman I had contact with on Facebook, was unable to come and see me, because she was in Switzerland. But if I transferred the money to her account, she would send me the keys of the Gron...

Boudewijn Otten 22 August, 2018

Emergency couchsurfing in Groningen

‘They are not only students, that surprised me too. Regular Groningers also participate. Even in surrounding villages people want to help, some for a few nights, others even for as long as two months.’ Koen Marée (24) is somewhat startled by the...

Alejandra Barreto Cortés 12 September, 2017

Students of Groningen: ‘Forgive but never forget’

‘When I was two years old, my mom got divorced from my dad. She started a new relationship with a man who became my stepfather. He used to beat her and she would forgive him after five minutes. He was all monkey business and carried a gun with ...

Chris 24 November, 2014

latinoamericanos se unen en Groningen

ALAS Groningen is a student organization for Latin American students and those interested in Latin America in Groningen. They meet every week to have dinner together and sometimes meet up for special occasions. Once a month they meet in eetcafe D...

Luuk Steemers 11 April, 2014

Students share ideas with IBM manager

One of the top managers of IBM came to Groningen for a discussion with fourteen female students of RUG and Hanze. The tantalizing topic: how to get more women in IT? ‘I was eight months pregnant and had a number of job interviews. That was 27 ye...

Chris 22 January, 2013

Snowball fight Hanze vs RUG cancelled!

Forget Spotted: Hanze, a new facebook trend is born. Some days ago, two German students decided to organize a typical winter event and combine this with the eternal feud between Hanze and the University of Groningen: Snowball fight - RUG vs Hanze...