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Chris 27 August, 2018

Homeless students sleep in tents in Groningen

This is what they look like. At ACLO, the sports complex of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences and the University of Groningen, you can find the tents that created some controversy in recent days. The three alu halls (as landlord Wiers...

Boudewijn Otten 21 August, 2018

Desperately in need of rooms

Providing accommodation to about three thousand students from abroad, that is the challenge Groningen faces the upcoming weeks. For the majority of these students, a solution is on the horizon, but not for everyone. ‘We do whatever we can, but a sc...

Chris 2 May, 2017

Ask HanzeMag: How do I find a room in Groningen?

If you are planning to study in Groningen, you might have a lot of questions before arrival. How do I find a room? How expensive is living there? What does the city look like? Don't worry, in our new series Ask HanzeMag, we will answer questions ...

Thom Edinger 13 May, 2016

Deplorable housing for international students

Students from abroad are not satisfied with their housing. Just about everything goes wrong and it's mostly a lack of communication that causes these persistent problems. Problems that the municipality and the two Groningen universities should take s...

Chris 25 February, 2015

5 Facebook pages you have to like (before arriving) in Groningen

You're getting ready to move to Groningen for your study abroad, but you have no idea what to expect? Facebook is a useful tool to get some necessary information about that not-too-famous city in the north of the Netherlands. The problem might be tha...