Posts over Groningen
Chris 21 May, 2015

Hanze cooks… episode 1: Tortilla de patatas!

Every country has one or more typical dishes. Many of them you have probably tried in a restaurant or at an international friend's house. But eating it is the easy part, actaully preparing it is a lot harder! We decided to start a cooking show in...

Chris 12 May, 2015

HanzeMag Photo Battle!

Attention amateur photographers! Next week, we will start a photo competition with a great grand price: a professional Canon camera! Interested? Then like our facebook page HanzeMag International to get updates and find out what will be the first...

Yuan Jiang 22 April, 2015

Story of a Hanze pick-up service student

‘My name is Lie and I will pick you up from Schiphol on February 1st to guide you to Groningen. I'm a Chinese looking girl, wearing a red jumper and I’ll wait for you at the red/white cubical thing at Schiphol.’ Every time the new semester begi...

Chris 22 April, 2015

HanzeMag 6


Chris 21 April, 2015

Report: Vintage shops in Groningen

You can furnish your room with typical Ikea stuff, but why not be a bit more original? Groningen offers some very cool second-hand shops that sell very original things. HanzeMag's international interns picked three of the most interesting vintage...

Chris 16 April, 2015

Report: How to travel cheap by train in Holland

Travelling by train in The Netherlands is notoriously expensive. A return ticket from Groningen to Amsterdam will cost you €50, for instance. But international students in Groningen, one of the student cities that is quite far away from the big...