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Boudewijn Otten 31 August, 2018

Please to meet you, internationals #2

These days students from all over the world are visiting Hanze University for the first time. Who are they and what are they looking for? Please to meet you, miss nine-ball. Stevie Atterbury (23), Chicago, United States of America ‘I am pu...

Chris 20 April, 2018

Legal Alien: Bojun Fu

Fourth-year student International Business & Management China, 1,379 million people, 231 times the size of the Netherlands ‘My father is a chemist who works in a governmental organisation, my mother is an accountant. It’s hard to be i...

Luuk Steemers 15 October, 2017

Students of Groningen: ‘Will never ever learn Dutch’

‘My English is not as it should be, but I will never ever learn Dutch. I can’t even tell what street I live in, because my mouth does not know how to say the word properly. So that has to improve. However, at the moment it is more important t...

Luuk Steemers 12 October, 2017

Students of Groningen: ‘The Dutch are orderly’

‘Of course I knew the Dutch are orderly, but I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my very own eyes: separate roads for pedestrians and cyclists. Cities are set up for humans, not for cars. It’s so pleasant, over here walki...

Luuk Steemers 9 October, 2017

Students of Groningen: ‘very international for a small city’

‘I have a German father and an Ecuadorian mother. I grew up in Germany, near Stuttgart, but at the age of fifteen I moved to Quito, the capital of Ecuador. In Quito I went to a school that is part of the Berkeley College of Music where I follow...

Alejandra Barreto Cortés 12 September, 2017

Students of Groningen: ‘Forgive but never forget’

‘When I was two years old, my mom got divorced from my dad. She started a new relationship with a man who became my stepfather. He used to beat her and she would forgive him after five minutes. He was all monkey business and carried a gun with ...